Annual General Meeting – Sept 8, 2018

Greetings Two Rivers Jeep Club members,
Today at the annual general meeting Hammer Tate, Gary Williams were re-elected and Andrew Bauer was elected to the Board of Directors by member vote. Andrew is taking over for Kaye Iftner who has served the jeep club as a board member for numerous years. We all want to thank Kaye for all her time and especially hard work that she has done for the club over the years. We wish her the best in her retirement and if you see her around town please give her a thank you. After the annual meeting, the board held a directors meeting and at that meeting Hammer Tate was re-elected as the clubs treasure and Eric Williams was elected as Vice President as Gary stepped down as VP of the club and to make way for the next generation. Again, we want to thank Gary Williams for all his time on the board as Vice President. Gary has been very helpful in guiding the club and board over that past many years. Gary was re-elected as a board member and will remain on the board for another three-year term. If you see Gary around town (if you can’t find him, check for him in Farm and Home), give him thanks for all he has done over the years.
Thank you
Warren DeWolfe