2000 4x4 Blast - Dutch Creek
By Barb

There's a reason Dutch Creek was a "sellout" on both days, even without the two spectacular additions since last year. Lots of twists and turns and ups and downs kept everyone on their toes. And the new "Chuck's Canyon" had everyone's heart racing -and a lot of passengers screaming- the entire exciting ride. It was tough, but not impossible, and just a whole lot of fun! Better still, all our 16 Jeeps made it through in one piece. The other addition is a cliff, which appears to be a 90-degree drop straight down. We all instantly dubbed it "Suicide Sluice". I must admit I hung back and watched everyone go down before I had the nerve to get behind the wheel. How hard could it be, right? We nudged the Jeep into position and down we went. Pretty wild ride! A special mention goes to little 5-year old Roy…hanging onto the back of a vintage Willie. He handled everything like a seasoned pro!

Created: 06/29/01