2000 4x4 Blast - Lake Shore Drive
By Don

What a great time I had on the Lake Shore Drive trail. We had everything from stock to modified vehicles. Ages ranged from teens to the 70s. Yes that's right! Grandma and Grandpa were driving a stock Jeep. This was one of the most enjoyable trails that I have ever been on. The trail offered scenery, creek runs, rock climbing, hills, and most of all excellent off-camber situations. And YES, as advertised, the waterfall was excellent.

The storm must have blocked part of the trail, and the detour proved to be very challenging. The trail offered a bypass or we could stack boulders to lessen the drop and descend down a 3 1/2 foot rock drop off. You guessed it. We started stacking the boulders. The trail guides did an excellent job spotting the vehicles. Everyone got involved stacking, spotting and, of course, picture taking. I have to tell you that there were 7 of us from Peoria, Illinois, and four of us took this trail. I had already been on Tall Dog before and purposely picked a lesser-rated trail for fun. Picking Lake Shore Drive was the second best decision I made that weekend. Oh by the way, the best decision I made was to participate in the 4x4 Blast.

Created: 06/29/01