By Jeff and Laura

mongoAwesome Trail! It started out with a climb over logs in the creek and immediately up a steep curve of clay and sand. Fuzzy led us, and Randy Bullard started tail gunning in his CJ, but the first obstacle caused him to switch to his Cherokee. The trail had a good variety of challenges. The "Ford Boys" described it as awesome! They said it only cost one rocker panel and two quarter panels. An underrated trail. The Ford/Jeep guy said it was a great all around trail with a variety of swaps, hill climbs and whoop-de-doos. But the rocks were scarce, so he thought it was overrated. Those Broncos gave us quite an airshow at Hedley's Latrine. But which one was it had his fuel filter on reversed? His buddy said it must be sucking gas out instead of putting it in. The Toyota pickup had fun in the quicksand. Yep, it was an awesome trail!

Created: 06/29/01