2000 4x4 Blast - Murphy's Law
By Brian

WOW, what a weekend! A good time was had by all. Following is a little description of the trail.

The trail starts off with some nice windings in and out of an old creek bed with some steep drop-offs, enough to get the old heart pumping and rearrange your license plate as well. Then we head to carburetor alley. Great photo ops, mucho off-camber air, with high ooh and aah appeal. After lunch we head to the timber. Up and down hills to the first big obstacle, the mud pit (or the money pit, depending on how much money you have spent after going through). Thick, deep, soupy, smelly muck… a must for mud junkies. Then it's down to the creek bottom, winding along the slate bottom creek bed. Next, up the waterfall. A must- see photo op, mucho fun. Then off to some larger hill climbs with plenty of pucker appeal and the end of the day.

Through all that only a few bent rims, slit sidewalls, and assorted electrical and carburetion trouble. Just enough to promote helpful teamwork and good-natured ribbing. The trail, fantastic; the scenery, beautiful; and the wonderful people you meet, priceless. I would like to personally thank the landowners, coordinators, sponsors, and the trail guides for their time and effort. It is greatly appreciated.

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Created: 06/29/01