2000 4x4 Blast - Pokey's Run
By Dennis & Betty

pokeyThe 2000 4x4 Blast is over but the wonderful memories will live on forever! We were one of 17 Jeeps to be lucky enough to get on Pokey's Run with leader, Rick. Did he ever take us on some decent trails. Since I'm the female "assistant" in our Jeep, we rate the trails according to how many times I jump out of the Jeep because it's too scary to stay inside. I think the count was about 15, which rates pretty high. However, I do get a lot of good footage on the camcorder when I bale out!

I think the most exciting area was (as you can see by the pic) where everybody really got their tires in the air. (Obviously, I was out of the Jeep taking pictures!).

We've been to 12 Jamboree's and this was our 1st Blast. We must admit that overall the Blast ranks right near the top.

There were three of us from Cedar Rapids, Ia…Tonka, Lil Tonka and Big Dog. But we soon discovered that on Pokey's Run, two more Jeeps with Cedar Rapids people were doing this trail. Small world.

We loved it, and plan on being there next year.

Created: 06/29/01