2001 - 4X4 Blast - Hopewell and Dutch Creek

Chuck, Ardis & Deanna's "Excellent Adventure"

This first picture is of my family (Deanna is the driver). This was a picture taken on the Dutch Creek trail (or actually in the creek). As we were slowly sinking further into the creek, of course, the reaction of the bystanders on shore was to throw our camera over to them to take our picture first, and then get us out of the creek! Although, since this picture was taken in the shade it's a bit dark, I think you can still get the idea of where our stock Jeep vehicle was in depth in the creek!

On the second day we went on the Hopewell Heritage trail. Not to be outdone by the day before Chuck drove and got stuck in the mud. We thought this picture was pretty good, too!

We're looking forward to seeing more of the pictures from other 4 x 4 Blast trails on the Two Rivers website!

Hope all is well with you! Keep us posted of future Jeep happenings!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Chuck, Ardis & Deanna

Created: 09/18/01