Mongo - 2001 4x4 Blast

By Tonka

WOW! What a Blast!

This was our 2nd Pittsfield Blast and like the first one, it was great! We've been on about 12 Jamborees, but we have to admit that our favorite event is coming to the Blast.

On Saturday we were on trail #12, better known as Mongo. (Now, what the heck is a Mongo?). Anyway, Fuzzy and his crew gave us one heck of a good time from beginning to end. The first obstacle was 10 seconds after we started the trail, went straight down, over logs, straight up and just kept going! For us (Tonka) the biggest challenge all day was trying to get away from this darn tree stump that just would not let go of us. It was in the middle of a creek and was the first time in all our Jeeping years that a chain saw and not a winch saved our day. What a sweet sound it had! For our group as a whole, I'm sure it was the 'hole' that was the most challenging. Some were warriors trying their darndest to get out of it, and others were resigned to the fact that they would get stuck and would not get out without being strapped or winched. By the way, everyone got stuck and everyone got strapped. There was no alternate route. The weather was wonderful and we were praying that it wouldn't rain since Mongo was enough of a challenge without H2O added to it.

Thanks to the club, and especially to Fuzzy, for giving us all another great ride.~

by Mike

Another great day. We all thought we would be getting wet, but Mother Nature brought us sunshine. Today's trail would be Mongo, led by Fuzzy and is about 30 minutes northeast of Pittsfield on the county line. What an awesome sight to see 14 Jeeps cruising down the road!

Mongo starts out crossing a creek via a log bridge. From here it's a steep off- camber climb to the sky. The day brought numerous up and down hill adventures with slight off-camber driving on most of them. There were also a couple of great water crossings and on one of them a CJ8 got the rear hung up. Although the driver made a couple of valiant attempts to dislodge himself from a tree stump it became obvious that this would require some work. Out came the Hi-Lift jack, shovel and chain saw and our trail leader got him free in a jiffy, so off we went.

About half way through we came upon a little hill climb but first you drove into a hole. While coming out of the hole the right front tire came off the ground about 2 ½ feet. Near the top was a nice ledge and then a jog to the left into a small valley. Once into the valley you went back to the right over a knoll. Well, our steering wasn't working the greatest and I got my self into a jam. When I got the left wheel about 3 feet off the ground the yelling of a roll over rang over the hillside. Thanks to a spotter I backed it out and drove on. No roll over this time (and my pale wife was happy!).

The last nasty obstacle was a creek crossing that hadn't been considered an obstacle until the previous day. This bottomless pit was perfectly sized for a TJ/CJ and all 14 of us had to be winched out. I could not believe how great Fuzzy was. 14 Jeeps were winched and he had a great attitude throughout it all.

Mongo was a blast!!! I was glad it was dry or else Depends and diaper wipes would have been a requirement, never mind the winch!

The whole 4X4 Blast was a class act. It was well organized with quality rigs in attendance and the town's people were so glad to be hosting us. We are looking forward to this trip again next year. Hopefully we can bring a few more Minnesotan's with us. Thanks a Million to TRJC and the people of Pittsfield!!!!!!

Created: 10/11/01