2001 - 4X4 Blast - Hopewell and Mossy Mountain

Our First Organized Wheeling Event

I just thought that I would share some of my thoughts of your fall event with you. I have off-roaded for several years, but this was my first organized event. This was also the first time for my wife Sherri, My son Talon (4 years old) and my daughter Myla (2 years old). I was very impressed with the friendliness of your town. Everyone seemed to enjoy having us there. My wife's' 1995 Grand Cherokee, (the only ZJ on the trail out of 226 entries), was rated for 6/7 trails. We chose a 5 trail for Friday (Mossy Mountain). The trail was very enjoyable. It was a mix of creeks, woods and pasture (complete with cows for the kids). Our trail guides were very helpful and everyone seemed like family. About half-way through the trail, we decided that we would be back next year. The kids had a great time!

Click here for Mossy Mountain photos.

On Saturday we chose Hopewell Heritage. Our friends who traveled to the Blast with us, (Jeff and Dylan Perkins and Jeff Hillman), joined us on the same trail. They had each walked away with a trophy at the previous nights show and shine uptown (best CJ-Jeff Hillman) and (best of show-Jeff Perkins). Hopewell was a fun trail also. Again everyone had great attitudes and had a lot of fun.

Click here for Hopewell Heritage photos.

On summation of the weekend, we had a wonderful family weekend, made a lot of friends and found a new family hobby! We would like to thank everyone involved for making it a very fun time! We will definitely be back next year for both events. Although it was a tight fit sometimes, the Grand Cherokee made it through everything on both days on its own. I was very impressed with it. Even so, I was envious of the open topped jeeps, so I will be starting on a project TJ soon to have it ready for the spring Safari. Thanks again for a great time!

See you on the trail,

Dave, Sherri, Talon and Myla

Created: 09/18/01