2002 - 1st Illini 4x4 Safari

Wet, muddy, but FUN!

This was NOT our usual event. Rain, mud, more rain and more mud. Floods nearby and trucks loaded with sandbags running through town most of Thursday and Friday. Yet we all had fun! Our first replacement event for the Land of Lincoln Jamboree was a great success. With over 400 attendees, the trails were filled and the Legion was packed.
The rain made the Friday trails "interesting" but we all seemed to enjoy it, even though some didn't get through more than a couple obstacles the whole day. Saturday the trails were just as muddy but they seemed to go much better with the sun out. According to our survey, over 80% of the participants said this event was Excellent or Above Average - even with the rain. Wow!
The food was good, the trails were better and the people were the best. Everyone helped each other out as some winches saw more activity in one day than they have in the past five years! Some trails required a little maintenance and some required detours due to high water but positive attitudes prevailed.
Even when Jenny rear-ended Hamer in the parking lot there were smiles (and lots of laughter!) One group helped the police recover a stolen vehicle in the woods. Stu was able to punch a branch through his rear window and then have his Cherokee laid over on its side the next day, with Tim's Mom in it both times! Doc broke before he even got to the trail. But perhaps the best way to see how this event went is to read the trail reports below, written by the participants, some of whom are not even members.
We'd like to thank our volunteers who worked so hard to make this happen, our sponsors, the city and county officials who welcomed us so graciously, but most of all a big thank you to all the participants whose good attitude and willingness to have fun made this one of the most interesting, and one of our best events yet!


  • According to our survey, over 80% of the participants said this event was Excellent or Above Average - even with the rain.
  • The Safari filled within 15 days.
  • Over 400 people attended the event.
  • Over 75% of the registration/raffle dollars went right back into the community and surrounding area!

The following were sponsors of this year's Safari. Please thank them for their donations and patronize their businesses whenever possible.

4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine
4 Plus Manufacturing; West Valley City, UT
Advanced Air Systems; Elk Grove, CA
ARB; Seattle, WA
ASK Electronics; Chapin, IL
Ayerco; Pittsfield, IL
BDS; Coldwater, MI
Best Systems Car Wash; Pittsfield, IL
Bestop; Broomfield, CO
Bilstein of California; Toway, CA
Borgeson Universal; Torrington, CT
Brewer Science, Inc.; Rolla, MO
Buckley's Auto Parts, Pittsfield, IL
Cabela's Catalog; Sidney, NE
California Duster; Chatsworth, CA
Coca Cola Company of Quincy
Drive Train Direct; Corona, CA
Farm & Home Supply; Pittsfield, IL
Four Wheeler Magazine; Los Angeles, CA
GDS 4x4 Drive Train; Maryville, IL
Giovanni's Pizza; Pittsfield, IL
Green Acres Motel; Pittsfield, IL
Griot's Garage; Tacoma, WA
Hardee's; Pittsfield, IL
Heckethorn Products; Dyersburg, TN
High Lift Jacks; Bloomfield, IN
Hopewell Views Hunting Lodge; Pittsfield, IL
Husky Liners; Winfeild, KS
Interco Tire; Rayne, LA
Jeep Box; Killen, AL
Matkins Extreme Jeep Frame; Billings, MT
McDonald's; Pittsfield, IL
Morrow Foods; Pittsfield, IL
Motel Pike; Pittsfield, IL
Mountain Off Road Enterprise; Rifle, CO
NAPA Auto Parts; Pittsfield, IL
Neal Tire & Auto; Pittsfield, IL
Oasis Off Road; Lake Forest, CA
Off Road Advantages; Wheaton, IL
Off Road Fabrications; Phoenix, AZ
Pacesetter Exhaust Systems; Phoenix, AZ
Pine Lakes Resort; Pittsfield, IL
Pittsfield Chamber of Commerce
Pittsfield Tire & Auto; Pittsfield, IL
Premier Power Welder; Carbondale, CO
Quadratec Warehouse; West Chester, PA
Quincy Chamber of Commerce
Rancho Shocks
Randy's Ring & Pinion; Everett, WA
Red Dome Inn; Pittsfield, IL
Ridings Jeep; Jacksonville, IL
Sears; Pittsfield, IL
Skid Row Automotive; Shermans Dale, PA
Skyjacker Suspension; West Monroe, LA
Tenneco Automotive Products; Monroe, MI
Teraflex; Sandy, UT
Tim Miller Electric; Decatur, IL
Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts; Ogden, UT
Tomken; Buena Vista, CO
Tuffy Security Products; Cortex, CO
Wet Okole; Costa Mesa, CA
Warn Industries; ValParaiso, IN


Created: 05/20/02