2003 4x4 BLAST - Back 40

Submitted by Kathleen

Photos of previous Back40 events are here.

The 4x4 Blast of 2003 was fabulous. It was also the hottest that I can remember.

Walt Gilbert, Heyward and I guided the Back 40. We were able to see a lot of trail due to the dry conditions, but we got everyone muddy that wanted to be muddy. The “Snickers” hole and “Chameleons Revenge” were very sloppy. By the time we took a half dozen Jeeps through Snickers we were standing ankle deep in goo. We got around to T-Bucket and only a couple Jeeps and a Bronco attempted the actual hill. Of course after Tom Wombles’ group chewed up the mud it was, we found out much by mistake, knee deep. Much of our group took one of the bypasses we call the lake. And when someone gets stuck in the middle of “the lake”, it proves to be quite a challenge to get them out. I tell you, I just LOVE jeeping. Primarily because it’s the best fun you can have in the woods with your Jeep and still be clothed, but also because of the people. It took more than just the guides to help remove the Cherokee from the lake. And of course you never hear complaints. You hear, “Whoa, wasn’t that cool!”.

Comparing the Blast to the Safari and to previous Blast’s, we were a lot drier this year. We got feedback from our guests that it was really nice to see more of the trail, and for it to still be challenging. Even for being dry and crawling a lot of the trail, we still accumulated some damage. Blew a tire off the bead (in T-bucket no less), bent a tie rod (which he fixed on a steep downhill), and had quite a bit of overheating (vehicles, not people).

We saw some new faces this year and heard raves about the quality of our organization, our trails, and our guides. It was nice affirmation.

Thanks to everyone. Hope to see you next time.

Created: 10/14/03