2003 4x4 BLAST

Submitted by Doug

I hope everyone had as good a time as I did at the Blast. One of the perks of being trail coordinator is being able to be on a different trail on a regular basis. As any trail guide will tell you, sometimes you just feel burnt out. Now this usually doesn't last too long, but it does happen. So, to the subject at hand.

It was with great pleasure that my Dad "Ice Cream Man" and I got to spend Friday and Saturday with Brian Baker and Frank Smith on the Smacker trail. These two guys have worked hard to get the ground approved for our club's use and get trails built. These young guys are starting the next chapter in our club's history. They have stepped up so that we can start to give those old trails and trail guides a break, trying to prevent the above mentioned burn out. As I am new to this job, and so are these trail guides, we are asking for any suggestions to improve the trail. One suggestion has been to make each half of the trail (the morning is on Baker's ground and the afternoon is on Smith's ground) into its own separate full day trail. As anyone who was on it will note the two halves do have their own personality. So let us know. We do care what you think.

Friday. It’s never boring with Screamin', Gina and the kids on the trail, is it? I do believe we got to the trail and up the first hill before Gina was hollering for power steering fluid. Now, so as to not let her Jeep take the lime light, Gina gets stung by something. All I could think was, thank goodness the kids didn't get stung. I do remember a front U-joint getting broke on a flat piece of ground while the Jeep was backing up. Maybe this trail is underrated? That Jeep did break the same U-joint in the afternoon though, so I think there was more of a problem going on. Had a good time with a good group.

Saturday, Team Plesko graced us with their presence and made it interesting. They were a lot more verbal about liking the trail, but I don't seem to remember anyone breaking anything either. Frank knows the ground pretty well and made sure that everyone had enough challenges. He did put a few of us in our place when the hill he let us climb was either "no problem" (relatively stock TJ), "scary" (ask Dave), or "impossible" (Troublemaker and I). So a good time, once again, was had by all.

Lakeshore Trail will need some serious help to get it usable for next year (loggers kept it from being used at the Blast). So be ready to give Craig, Jim, and Jamie some help come Feb. 2004.

Keep Smilin' PEEJ

Created: 10/14/03