2003 4x4 BLAST - Susie's Knob

Submitted by Jeanette

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When trail leader and landowner Randy bent a tie rod at the waterfall (our first obstacle), the group may have thought we were in for a long day. But once we got everyone back to the creek, the rest of the day was full of great trail riding, fun obstacles and a bit of trail building.

The spiders were plentiful as were the good times had by all. Our group consisted of three TJ’s from Northern Illinois Firewalker’s club, Jerry’s well-built TJ, Pete’s TJ at tail gunner and Matt’s CJ as the newly designated trail leader. There was a bit of tree climbing and some off-camber Jeeps, but fortunately no further breakdowns.

The day’s highlight may have been the last obstacle, Magic Mountain. The 3 Firewalker’s watched as Jerry successfully traversed the terrain, making it look so easy. One by one the Firewalker’s gave it a shot, with the first having to back down. Number 2 hit the line and powered up the hill, leaving the other 2 feeling a bit left behind. Not to be out done, the next one tried his luck and successfully made the climb. In order to restore balance among the 3 club members, the first Firewalker gave it another try and joined his friends on top of Magic Mountain!

It was a great day in beautiful Illinois!

Created: 10/14/03