2003 4x4 BLAST - County Line

Submitted by Gerald and Randy, Trail Leaders

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This year we had a small group. Friday we had 5 Jeeps, 1 Toyota Land Cruiser, and 1 Ford Bronco. So, each tough place we encountered only took a short while to get everyone through. We even traveled some trails that were cleared last winter, but had not had a Jeep on them until Friday. The bottom soon dropped out of sight in the creek crossings.

Larry's gorge always poses a challenge for the most experienced driver, but we all tried it and made it through with the help of our Bronco Man. With his extended front bumper he removed part of the bank we always slid into, taking part of the bank with him. That made it easier to make the sharp turn on down the gorge.

Lucky for three of us, Bronco Man had his service truck down here as a tow vehicle, which had everything including a welder. When we got back to Pittsfield, all three of us lined up for the welder. You should have seen the smile on Bronco Man's face welding up those Jeeps.

Saturday, there were five Jeeps in all. The trails were pretty well torn up by then. Everyone even made it through Larry's gorge with some assistance, but we didn't even try the new section. It became impassable Friday.

We had a great group of 4- wheelers and they all had a great 2003 "BLAST".

Created: 10/14/03