2003 4x4 BLAST - Dutch Creek

Submitted by Chuck

The day started out hot and humid as we lined up after breakfast at the American Legion Hall. Lee Ator was our faithful trail guide who led the herd of Jeeps, which included 2 new Rubicons.

The creek was low, but Lee led the way through some exciting Jeep trails. Part of the way through the trails, Clayton Statler from the Journal-Courier joined us on the trail ride to try to capture some of the photographic events for the newspaper.

Suicide Hill probably rates as one of the high points of Dutch Creek in my opinion. My daughter, Deanna, decided to jump out at the top of the hill to take some pictures, at which point my wife, Ardi, who maintains a passenger seat in the back, came up and sat in the front. Lee went down the hill first to show us how we should attempt this hill. This hill was definitely thrilling and Deanna even rode down in one of the new Rubis so as not to miss the moment either. At the bottom of this steep hill Clayton was waiting and taking random pictures of various vehicles making the descent. He took quite a few; there were so many memorable action shots!

The next day, during breakfast, one of the people at our table pointed out that MY picture made the newspaper! OK, I've got to at least take a few braggin' rights for this one. Here's the picture, as well as some of the pictures Deanna took on the trail.

Many thanks to Lee and Tammy for the use of their trails and to all the people who made this terrific event possible! ~

Created: 10/14/03