3rd Illini 4x4 Safari

May 13- 15, 2004

Check here for photos and stories.

"What a diff'rence a day makes
Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain"


The 3rd Annual 4x4 Safari is now history - and what a wild ride it was!

Thursday's registration started off ominously.  There were clouds all around but most of the rains stayed away until later that evening. The tech folks stayed "mostly" dry.
Ladies from the Senior Center arrived early to help process over 600 registrations that needed to be sent out for the August BLAST.  They were a lot of fun to work with - "Thank you!"

The Check-In crew was ready for the over 200 people who were lined up at the door ready to sign-up for the weekend's events.

And when the doors opened........
As always, there are lots of events going on in the evenings, especially Thursday.

The Swamper toss is more fun to watch than to toss!

The only difference between men and boys
is the price of their toys.

You scream
I scream
We all scream
For Don's ice cream!

And we always support D.A.R.E
Friday was wet, cold, muddy, rainy, and just plain miserable.  But we still had fun ! !

Graham's wake up call.

Our fearless leader, OR, attempting to cheer us up by singing, "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning."

Our fearless leader, OR, realizing what he had just done!

All trails need a repair shop like Black Oak has.

How's that seat cushion taste?


I'm not gonna be the first one in there!
And, as bad as Friday was, Saturday was as beautiful.  What a great day!  Thanks, OR!

The "cluster."  This is a ways into a narrow canyon on Suzie's.  Vehicles are stacked 10 -12 deep in the back.  The guy on the left can't get up the waterfall, has no winch and can't get out so he's sidelined.  Brad attempts the waterfall and breaks his rear driveshaft.  He gets winched up the ledge to the rear. The next guy comes up, throws a rock from the waterfall that breaks the sidelined guy's rear window. Tanker comes up and breaks his rear driveshaft (runs in the family.)  Graham smartly winches up next.  Miller comes along and make the attempt.  He not only breaks his driveshaft but also breaks the end of the pinion shaft off.  The several pound object strikes and breaks a rock then bounces off and narrowly misses the guy whose window was previously broken.  Now we have four disabled vehicles in a narrow canyon where there's only room for two!  Great entertainment - thanks guys!

There'll be payback for posting this photo!

Nice nosedive


Graham appears to be auctioning something of OR's.

A sigh of relief as OR retrieves his "properties."

Thanks to Warn and GDS for their support of our events. And congratulations to Heyward and Kathleen on winning the winch.

Here's the proud winner of the tires.  We see, now, why he's smiling.
We had a wonderful time.  We got wet.  We got muddy.  We got dry.  We laughed a lot. We raised over $3500 for charity.  We gave $1000 to Pleasant Hill Summer Recreation with the rest of the proceeds to go to Pike County Matters and the Senior Citizens Center.  What more could we ask for on a wonderful weekend in spring ?

Ahh! Sunday morning
By Rick Culberson

Ahh! Sunday morning, it’s all over! I look at the clock. It’s 5:00 am. Oh No! I forgot the trail signs. So I get up and to the Legion I go only to fine out someone had taken care of me. Thanks! I think I know who helped.

Well I’m up so I may as well head home. Back to the Motel Pike to leave the key and on the road again. I’m lucky I only have a two hour drive to think of all the mistakes I made over the weekend, but very glad it is over. Now to have a little time to do things around the house and to the Jeep. Much to my surprise, setting on the table with the mail, is registration for the Blast. Oh well, so much for time to work on the Jeep; my wife said the house WILL get done.

As a first time coordinator, I had a lot of fun. It helps when you have good people taking care of all the things that have to be done. I don’t know if this would be possible without the help of all of you members that helped. Dave Christensen and Graham McNeill were the backbone of the work - making sure the registrations forms were made (and mailed,) answering seemingly thousands of questions that I had, supporting me when I thought everyone was against me and trying to make me have “the big one.”

John Toumbs took care of the rodeo, and I didn’t even have to do a thing. He had everything under control.

Tony and Andrea Prochaska did a wonderful job on the sign-up and registration, Tony’s a little hard to get a hold of, but what can you say about people who still get the job done when they are working the hours they do..

Garry Shadwick and the tech crew did a wonderful job,. They had one complaint: one of the tech crew told a Bronco owner to get his Jeep out of the way. Boy did he take offense at that!

Tim Miller was the clean-up coordinator, and did a very good job. I can not find any of the banners to be used for the Blast. He keeps saying, “You told me to clean it up.” I bet if I go to his shop I can find all the banners I need for the Blast.

Dennis Wencel, Rick Miller, Kris Priessnitz, and Bridget Fugett ran their feet off selling raffle tickets. I still think it may have been fixed the way the same people kept winning on Friday. ? Kris, Bridget and Ardis Lozenski again did an excellent job contacting vendors, and getting over $20,000 of raffle prizes. We all owe these folks a very big thank you for the excellent job they did. This is the last year that Kris and Bridget want to do this, so we are looking for help. I still have a little magic up my sleeve and hope the girls I talked to will step up and take over. They will need help, and if you are interested please contact me. We all need to support them. Without many vendors we would not have the excellent raffle we had.

We all owe the City of Pittsfield, and Pike County a big “THANK YOU” for allowing us into their town. They put up with a lot any time you have that many people trying to find rooms, campgrounds, and meals. Try to remember they have to order extra for us and try to figure out how much we will buy.

Also we need to thank the people who run the Legion, Bowling Alley, Sears, and John Wood Community College for the use of their parking lots. Finding a place to line up 250 Jeeps and generic Jeep vehicles (that’s for you Bronco owners) is a nightmare. If we could only do it in one place.

And last but not least, we have to give the landowners a big “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” If we did not have these people I don’t know were we would wheel!

The Safari was a success, and I guess I will start to look toward the Blast since the registration packet is sitting in front of me. I just wanted to give a big “THANK YOU” to all of the members who went out of there way to make the Safari a success, whether it was working during the Safari or just cleaning trails during a work weekend. And if I left anyone out, my apologies. There were over 60 people who helped and over 200 tasks that needed to be done so I’m sure I missed someone somewhere.

If we did not have the membership with people who care, the Safari and Blast would not be here for us to enjoy. But the burden of these events fall on the same people each year, so I ask all of the members of Two Rivers Jeep Club to do something to help me out with the Safari and Blast. Please tell all your friends that Jeep about us, and try to get them to join the club so we will have new members to help with the events.

Well back to painting the house before I get into to much trouble. Just remember, we need your help to keep Two Rivers Jeep Club the #1 club that it is. Try to find new members to help with the events and to have new people to help on the trails.

Oh by the way, being the coordinator was not all bad. I got to run on six different trails over the weekend. I had the video photographer with me, so any one who did not get a video or DVD ordered, let me know and I can give you T.J.’s number so you can order one.

Well thanks to all, and hope to see you at the Blast.

Rick Culberson
2004 Safari & BLAST Chairman

Due to the hard work of three families, we had the most prizes ever in our history.  The got prizes from over 90 sponsors! 

The following were sponsors of this year's Safari. Please thank them for their donations and patronize their businesses whenever possible.  Also check our links page for major sponsor's logos here.

4 Plus
4 Wheel Drive Hardware
4 Wheel Parts
Advance Adapters
Advanced Air Systems
Aston Enterprise (TN)
BF Goodrich
Beard Seats/Red Art
Best Systems Car Wash
Best Top
Blue Bell Club
Brickyard Grill
Borgeson Universal
Brewer Science
Cabela's Catalog
California Duster
Carl's Cardinal Inn Café
Classic Tube
Collins Bros. Jeep
Corner Pantry
CTM Racing
CT Jeep Body Parts
Crane High Clearance
Daystar Products
Extreme Outback Products
Farm & Home Supply
G.D.S. 4x4 Drivetrain
Giovanni's Pizza
Green Acres Motel
Girots Garage
Harold Motors
Harpoles Heartland Lodge
Heckethorn Products
High Impact
Hi-Lift Jack
Hopewell Views and
Hunting Club and Lodge
Husky Liners
Ice House Inn
Illinois Four Wheel
Drive Assn.
Interco Tires-Swampers
James Duff
JC Whitney
KN Replacement filter
Map Gear
Mastercraft Racing Products
Mile marker
Motel Pike
NAPA Auto Parts
Neal Tire - Pittsfield
Oasis Off Road
Off-Road Motorsports
Oitker Ford
Painless Performance
Performace Gear & Axle
Pike County Chamber
of Commerce
Pine Lakes Resort
Pittsfield Tire & Auto
Pizza Hut
Pheasant Run Resort
Predator 4 Wheel Drive
Red Dome Inn
Refreshment Services Pepsi
Rockport Off Road Park
Rocky Mountain
Shell Valley
SkyJacker Susp. LA
Summit Racing
Superlift Suspensions
Tera Flex
Tiny Bits of Silver
TJ Video
Tim Miller
Tops 4 Less
Toumbs Repair
Tuffy Security
West Coast Differentials
Wisconsin Off Road


Created: 05/23/2004