Rick's Write Up and Thanks

Courtesy of Rick C.

I have to admit, being the Coordinator has its advantages. I got to run on six different trails and do the better parts of each trail. On Friday we took T.J., the video man, to Mongo, Myer’s Mayhem, and Mossy Mountain and then on Saturday we took him to Pokey’s, Smacker, and Black Oak, ending at Atlas just as they were coming off. The Bronco boys had had enough. I think one even left some of his blue paint in the dirt from what I understand.

Mongo: I didn’t get to run on very much by the time I got lost and finally got T.J. to the spot that he was to be. He did get to video the last two Jeeps on the trail. After following Elmo’s directions, we got to see a lot of Pike Co. and we made it to Myer’s Mayhem. Lou and Rich have put a nice trail together. After watching the first two Jeeps do body damage, (and I mean Bob you did it right, and Rich, it was only a flare), Tim Miller who was helping me with T.J., also started up the trail. I never saw him spin a tire, so off I go. Like I said Lou, you and Rich did an excellent job on building that part of the trail. You all have to try it just to see, it was a blast.

Then off to Mossy Mountain or Susie’s Knob to find more Jeepers having fun. Never did find the Susie’s group, but did run into Garry (GDS). He had rolled his Jeep and had to cut the seat belt to get out. Hayward had the group, who knows where? We couldn’t even get them on the CB. So we find Frannie in the lead of Mossy Mountain group and off we go with them. We came to a mud hole, and that’s just what it was. You need to buy the video to see what fun one of the Jeeps had. I think a husband had a good time in the same mud hole as all the mud seemed to be flying into the passenger side. About that time the rain started coming down. Down is not the word for it, it was blowing into my Jeep from the back as we were going down the highway.

Saturday comes, so off to Pokey’s Run we go and get some great shots of Trail Guide Billy (Tater) doing a window shatter on a tree he shouldn’t have hit. I didn’t see anyone else break a window on that tree. T.J. said the picture was well worth the cost of the DVD or video, the glass just kind of sparkles as it blows out. All that were at the dinner got to hear the details from Pokey. Then off to Smacker to find Frank and Brian and group. We find them heading out, but still get a picture or two and follow them to dinner and the second part of their trail. Again, great video of the rock climbs and descents or bump and scraps. After Smacker, I now understand how it got its name. We are on to Black Oak. We catch up with Roster and Durrell at Roster's crossing. Now you know this is going to be good anytime Rooster is there. How many people have numerous parts of trails named after them? I know we have Rooster hill at Pokey’s and now Rooster Crossing at Black Oak. How many more do you have? A few more videos at a couple of muddy climbs and to the creek we go. I have to admit, I have not seen Six Mile Creek that low since I have been a member of the club. Then off to Atlas, were we meet Walt and Alan with two Broncos coming off the trail. It looked like the four of them had had a very productive day. No one wanted to play and be the big star of the video so back to town we came.

Well I said this was going to be the last year that I did the Safari and Blast, but no one has stepped up to take over, maybe next year. Again I want to thank the many people who helped with all the aspects of putting on an event of this magnitude. First we need to thank all of the people who showed up and paid their entry to have two days of fun and games. Then we need to thank the many land owners who let us play on their property. Then of course we need to thank the people of Pittsfield and surrounding towns for putting up with us. The Pittsfield Police Department gets big thanks for traffic control to help get us to the trails.

Now it's time to get to the groups that help make this one of the best run and organized events in the Midwest, if not the country. I would like to start with the man behind the registration forms, web site, tons of e-mail, and phone calls: a BIG BIG THANKS to Dave Christensen. Then in the same aspect I want to put the Master of Ceremonies Graham McNeill into the BIG BIG THANKS category. The two of them are there to help me anytime I need them. They have taken phone call after phone call from me to help with different questions and ideas to make the Safari and Blast work.

The next group I need to thank is the Tech Crew, lead by Tank Schultz and Garry Shadwick. They do an excellent job every year. No complaints this year at all. I do wonder what they were thinking when I looked at the Jeep to the right and the tow hooks. I never did see it on the trails, so I wonder how it did?

We also had an issue about Jeeps on trailers, do we inspect them or not? The owner of the Jeep on the left said they told him to just out of here and do what he wanted.

All in all I have to give the Tech Crew a big Thanks. You guys do a great job. Hope you keep it up in the years to come.

The next crew is the Rodeo Team with the trouble they have to put up with outside. John Toumbs his crew do a great job. Everyone was happy and no complaints about anything. They may need help next year anyone who is interested can contact them or me for next year.
The next group is the registration crew, run by Tony (Sparky). He has quite a few people by the time he has waivers signed, gives the sack of valuable information, and t-shirts. They did another great job, but when you get a shady person like to the left, you wonder how he ever got in (look at the picture and see if you find the mistake).

And we also have to give a BIG Thanks to Rachel Smith, who took over the raffle. Rachel you did a great job, hope you do as good if not better next year. Maybe I will win a prize or two. Alicia Miller (yes it’s another Miller) of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in very efficiently processing all the registrations. Alicia is the one who receives our registrations and mails out the confirmation packages that you get back.

Then there is also Mom Miller, Rick Miller and Katherine Ball who sell the raffle tickets. We sold over 3000 this year, and will use the money to fund different needs in the Pike County area.

Others I need to thank are Don Maxheimer. That is some of the best ice cream anyone can eat. All of the money from the ice cream goes to the Christmas Basket fund, and from some of the stories I hear, it is a very good fund that we have.

I also need to thank Doug and all the Trail Guides. You guys do a great job and you can tell it by the smiles we all see on the many faces of our fellow Jeepers and 4X4 wheelers. I have never heard one person complain about a trail guide.

The next thanks goes to the American Legion for the hard work they do cooking for 400 people. I need to also thank them for the parking along with Sears, John Woods, and The Bowling Alley. If I have left anyone out I’m very sorry. I know there are a lot of people who help to put this together, and each and every one of you are important. Without you, the Safari and Blast would not be the great 4X4 weekend that it is. And last I want to thank Tom Miller who, in a two week notice, came up with a design for the T-shirt. Hopefully next year I will give you a three week notice.

And again a BIG THANK YOU to all who helped Two Rivers Jeep Club put on one of the best 4X4 events in the Mid-West.

Created: 26 Aug 2005