5th Illini 4x4 Safari

May 18 - 20, 2006

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The 2006 Safari was tremendous! We had almost 200 vehicles that attended our 5th spring event. We filled up completely this year.

The raffle brought in a little over $3000. $1500 of that went to the Two Rivers Regional Council of Public Officials for their foundation fund to buy school supplies for underprivileged children. Another $1500 went to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Campaign, the Pike County Chapter. Click here to see some of our donations.

The ever popular homemade ice-cream, churned by an antique engine, brought in $455. This money goes to the Christmas Basket fund to help purchase food baskets for those in need. Don Maxheimer has churned the ice cream for several years now and thanks to his efforts, and your donations, many residents of Pike County have had Christmas baskets loaded with food that they would otherwise never see. Way to go!

Rick Culberson did a great job, as usual, coordinating. I want to personally thank him for his efforts and also welcome Kelly and Rod as the new coordinators for next year. A big thanks go to the Trail Guides and coordinator Doug Maxheimer, the raffle crew, the registration crew, the people who put on the rodeo and a thanks to the American Legion and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce. Special thanks go to John Toumbs who saved the day at the last minute and got us a winch for the raffle. Now I know I forgot someone – it takes almost 50 volunteers to put on an event of this size. So thanks one and all!

I was going to apologize to the other 4WD clubs in attendance about OR’s comment Friday about TRJC being the best Jeep club in the country. But I suspect he and I are perhaps a little prejudiced.

And now some ramblings…..Dutch Creek: Jeff Gersnick – on Friday he was the first to ever climb Suicide Hill with his Ruby. On Saturday Bob Lyerla also climbed the hill with his Cherokee. Neither one would try it again! Guys, why is that? Perhaps just a little light on the front end at the top? Perhaps once a day was enough. And Hayward Ball, I saw the video. Great show!

Again, a sincere thanks to all who helped and a special thanks to all who attended.

---Lee Ator, President, Two Rivers Jeep Club

The car wash was a big hit this year.

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Created: 06/04/2006