2007 - 6th Annual Illini 4x4 Safari

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Our friends Mike and Julie have owned a Jeep for several years and have been encouraging us to purchase one so that we could attend events with them at TRJC. In October 2006 we purchased our first Jeep (we now have two) and we drove it in its stock configuration to the 6th Annual Illini 4X4 Safari in May 2007. It was quite an experience, we learned a lot, found several problems with our new used Jeep, and had an excellent time.

My wife Chris, and our friend Julie went on the Thursday night cruise with OR. They came back with an extremely dirty Jeep and needing a drink. Other than having to be towed repeatedly, carried through the course by OR and the rest of the group, and worried that they had broken the Jeep they had a blast. They made me wash the Jeep.

On Friday we rode the New Salem trail with Doug Maxheimer and his dad Don. This was my first time on any type of trail and after winching three times with everyone's help Don finally started to help me learn a little. I was told that we were probably the only jeep there with street tires so that has been changed. Everyone was very patient and helpful, we had a great day.

On Saturday we rode the Mossy Mountain trails with Tom Miller and again we had a great time. After two days of driving off road everyone in this group got to lean on the fenders and help try to fix our Jeep. After a few minutes it was determined that our stock 1981 CJ7 had broken motor mounts and we limped through the last hour of the ride. The motor mounts have been replaced and we are now making modifications to a Jeep that we swore would remain stock.

Our experience at the Safari was outstanding. We've been involved in many different types of activities with a lot of people over the years and we've never been anywhere were the people, all of the people, were as friendly and outgoing as we experienced at the Safari. We joined the club after the Safari and have met more club members at the Ladies Day event and at trail building in July. Again, we've never been around a nicer group of people than we've met at TRJC. We are really excited about what we've seen and are looking forward to more events with TRJC.

Mark & Chris

Chris' Jeep
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Created: 06/04/2007