2008 Blast - Pokey's and County Line
By Terry

The 2008 4X4 Blast was my first opportunity to attend a TRJC event.  My brother Scott and I had an absolutely fantastic time.  Every one was very friendly and helpful.  The entire event was very well organized and managed.  The weather couldn't have been better.
We spent Friday on Pokey's with Cliff, Billy and Jim.  If I get any of the names wrong I apologize.  Billy was very entertaining in his Cherokee.  Whatever the XJ lacked in lift, tires or flex, Billy made up for with the skinny pedal.  All three were excellent trail guides and spotters.  I included some photos of Jim putting his Wrangler on its side.  Notice the serious look on his face that turns to a smile when his Jeep is finally winched back on all fours. 
On Saturday we were on County Line with Pete and a couple other great trail guides whose names I don't remember.  There were lots of hills, some nearly vertical, to climb and many creek crossings.  All in all these were the best two days of wheeling I've had in many years.  I will definitely be back.
I've attached a few pictures.  I would have had more but I was having such a great time I kept forgetting to take pictures.  My Cherokee is in the Pokey's 1 photo.  If anyone else has photos and/or video of my Jeep I would greatly appreciate having them sent to me at  I am a club member and will definitely promote TRJC in Springfield and the surrounding area.
Thanks for the Fantastic 2 days!
Created: 19 Aug 2008