2008 Blast - Murphy's Law
By Mike and Julie

We really don't have squat for pictures this time except for three shots of Randy Newport on a climb at the end of the day on Murphy's Law. The shale/sandstone/rocky stuff was about 5-6 feet tall and a lot steeper than it looked in the pictures, got close to vertical. There would have been four pictures, but someone (no, not me) walked in front of the camera at a very inopportune moment. But the three make a good sequence. You would have to ask Randy or Gary Williams or the Chief if it had a name (they had mentioned something about a 'can opener', don't know if that was it).

The three of them were the trail guides on Murphy's and it was Randy that did most all of the work changing my axle. He was fast and experienced at it.
Created: 19 Aug 2008