2010 Blast - Murphy's By Mark

Photos are here.

The weather was great and we went to Murphy’s Law on Friday. The Chief and Randy worked very hard to put on a good ride and then they had Gary to supervise. Sometime during the day Gary’s real nickname came up, “Wrong way Williams”, something that he had been able to keep hidden for years. There wasn’t a lot of mud except where mud is expected but a couple of the hills stopped a few Jeeps and required some strapping. Randy was always there set up and ready to winch or strap as needed. The rains the week before (seven inches) changed some of the trail, especially the creek. Gary had spent a lot of time with a tractor and bucket digging out the area in front of the waterfall as so much rock had been moved that the waterfall disappeared. In one place the Chief said we were running on about two feet of rock that was never there before. Things were pretty uneventful, one Jeep lost it’s fan belt two times and a new one was installed. Another Jeep had a flat tire and with everyone’s help it was fixed pretty quickly. The Chief got into bottomless mud where there shouldn’t have been any and he was thrown a strap. We even got a photo of Gary stealing parts from a Jeep that had been parked for more than fifteen minutes. He was quickly surrounded and encouraged to put the parts back. All in all a great day on the trail.

Created: 22 May 2010