Two Rivers Jeep Club (TRJC) is proud to be based out of Pittsfield. We are fortunate to have a community that is supportive of our hobby. In return, we only have a few requests from our members and guests.

All the trails are on private property. These trails are not available to non-members (except for open events) and are not available to members unless an official TRJC event is planned. To respect the privacy of the land owners, we do not publish their names. All requests for wheeling events must go through a TRJC board member. When we operate on private land, we must respect the rights and requests of the land owners. In return for the generosity of the land owners, we have a strong commitment to them and the community. We provide labor to help land owners with special projects.

TRJC makes an effort to give back to our community. We are very privileged to have the opportunity to maintain and enjoy our trails, own Jeeps and be a part of this club and community. Giving back to a community that supports us so well seems like the right thing to do.

We have and do support both organizations and individual people in our community.  Local children, local seniors, and everyone in between: local citizens.

The donations vary each year but some of those gifts have been:

Christmas Basket Program
Habitat for Humanity
Summer Lunch Program
After Prom Party
Honor Flight
Transport local child to Special Olympics
Seizure Dog
FFA Project
Relay for Life
Fire Departments
Access Food Illinois
Little League
All Wars Museum
and the list goes on…