Welcome to TRJC

Two Rivers Jeep Club (TRJC) is a Jeep only club. Our trails are entirely on private land. We maintain our own trails at the owners’ discretion.
TRJC is very connected to our community and as such gives back.
We have two events annually that are open to non-jeeps; the Safari which is held in May and the Blast that is held in August.


The number of members are limited to help protect the land from overuse.  To learn more about membership benefits and how to apply, visit our Membership page.

New Board Members and New Non-Profit

At the 2019 Annual General Meeting and Board Meeting, Warren DeWolfe and Eric Williams were re-elected to the board for a 3 year term. Thank you to Eric and Warren for their commitment to the club. Greg Martin was elected by the board and membership to serve a 3 year term. We welcome and thank Greg for volunteering to assist the board and club. Following at the Board Meeting the Board elected Eric Wiliams as President, Travis Helkey as Vice President, Hamer Tate as Treasurer and Warren DeWolfe as Secretary.

The Board would like to thank Lee Ator for his service, time and dedication to the club and members for all these years as President. Lee will remain on the board through 2020.

Also at the board meeting the board voted to create a separate non-profit organization. This organization will oversee all of the clubs two major events, the Safari and Blast. They will be responsible for distribution of donations to all the local organizations and charities. This organization was formed so that we can truly have a 501c3 non profit status. This will help the club to gain more donations from national sponsors and donors. This also means that members would be able to use their donations as a tax right off.

Warren DeWolfe, Cody Poor, Betsy Shepler and Eric Williams were voted to be the founding board members for the new organization. At the inaugural Pike County Wheeling 4 a Cause board meeting that board nominated and elected Jay Ater to that board. Eric Williams will serve as President, Jay Ater will serve as Vice President, Cody Poor will serve as Treasurer, Warren DeWolfe will serve as Secretary and Betsy Shepler will serve as Event Coordinator.

Please stay tuned for more announcements and we hope everyone enjoyed the new TRJC season this year.