TRJC hosts many member only events throughout the year (e.g. Scholarship Run, Veterans Appreciation Dinner, Fathers Day Run, 4th of July Run) as well as two public events.  The Illini 4×4 Safari is held in May and the 4×4 Blast is held in August.

Vehicle Requirements and Limitations for Public Events
  • Street legal 4wd
  • Vehicle must be licensed
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Wheel base not greater than 116″. No full-size trucks
  • Tire size not greater than 44″, based on DOT tire lettering.  Not all trails are available to tires over 36″.
What types of vehicles are welcome

Any short wheel base vehicles, any make, are welcome. Out of respect for the land and the landowners, we have size and tire restrictions. Tires can be no more than 44″, based on DOT tire lettering. Not all trails will be open to tires over 36″. Wheelbase is limited to 116″. No full-size trucks. For example: K5 Blazer and Bronco (78 or later) are considered full size. Bronco IIs are OK. Larger 4X4s need to be concerned about width. The trails can be very tight. If you are much wider or longer than a Grand Cherokee, be prepared for some body scrapes. Absolutely no alcohol while on the trails. Trails are rated for absolutely stock vehicles to the highly modified. All vehicles will be inspected at registration. For the safety of all attendees, proof of liability insurance is required at check-in. If you do not have proof of liability insurance for your vehicle, you will not be allowed to participate. Vehicles must be licensed.

What to Bring

A reliable, four wheel drive vehicle with safely mounted tow hooks, working CB radio, event registration paperwork, vehicle registration, insurance card, and driver’s license are required. A first aid kit, tow straps, fire extinguisher, basic tool kit, and a full size spare tire are recommended.

The weather can be temperamental so be prepared for sun to heavy rain and lots of mud. Be prepared to get good and muddy if it has recently rained. Pittsfield has two car washes to get you cleaned up before heading home.

Take a lunch. There are several fast food eateries in town that will make up sack lunches. Bring refreshments for the trail (absolutely no alcohol), chairs or blankets for lunch stops, camera and video – there will be those Kodak moments. Rain jackets, toilet paper, zip-locks for tissue disposal, toiletries, medication, bug repellant and sun block are also advisable.

A good attitude.

What if I break down

You will not be left out on the trail. We’ll get you back to civilization and point you in the right direction to get your vehicle repaired. Pittsfield is a farming community with many repair shops.

I’ve never been off-road before

There is a first time for everyone. Sign up for a 1 or 2 rated trail and have fun. Your guides, trail helpers and fellow four wheelers will get you through. At the end of the day you will wonder why you have never taken up this sport before and will be fighting over who will drive the next day.

Are the trails tough enough for me

When you see the rigs that tackle the 4 or higher rated trails you will have second thoughts about even asking this question. The trails can be very tough and demanding. You really need lockers and winches on 4 or higher rated trails and higher.