The general driver’s meeting is held at the staging area before heading out to the trail-heads. The information discussed at this meeting may vary depending on the type of trail ride: trail building, club run or a national event.

  1. Welcome everyone and make any introductions. Role call, number of trails, goals if you’re working or trail building.
  2. Trail conditions: wet? – don’t tear it up. Dry? – is there a fire hazard?
  3. Remind participants this is all privately owned property – respect it. Refer to Trail Etiquette guidelines and tread lightly!
  4. Safety: refer to Trail Etiquette guidelines.
  5. Trail building runs: Assign work crews to trails and make sure they know their guide.
  6. Designate CB channels. Again, mention while in convoy to trail-head: headlights on, windshields up and no passing. Participants can jockey for trail position at air-down.
  7. Give necessary instructions for trail line up and departure.
  8. Quick check of vehicles and drivers to make sure they are with the right group.