This 4 rated trail has it all! At the very start, conquer Robert’s Revenge. Small tires and low clearance won’t keep you off, however it will slow you down as you find another way onto the trail. Then meander the short distance to a deceiving little spot that will prove tricky and test your wits when wet. Turn and launch yourself skyward as you climb one of Mayhem’s many steep hills; then a daring drop into Rattler Ravine that offers plenty of off camber, frame twisting, and when wet, sliding. If Tip Back Falls and Pinball Machine don’t get the best of you, The Pit will. Taking the wrong lines could result in exciting rides. For the bravehearted and locker equipped, you may want the challenge of dancing with the Devil at ” Hell’s Gate ” . (A locker is absolutely required!) If you are looking for a little bit of everything, this is the trail for you. But watch out, Myer’s may create mayhem on you!!! A working winch is required and lockers are strongly recommended.

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