As a Trail Guide, you are responsible for the creation and maintenance of your trail.

  1. Know what type of trail you are building, easy or hard, and plan accordingly.
  2. Know your trail and the property well.
    1. Know the property owners.
    2. Keep in touch with them and know where the property lines are located.
    3. Know where we can be and where we shouldn’t.
    4. Check with the property owners and offer to use a work weekend to help them with repairs.
    5. Make sure you know the bypasses and short cuts in case of an emergency.
  3. Name obstacles, features or landmarks. This may be helpful when describing your location.
  4. Know your directions.
  5. Beware of common sections of trails and potential traffic jams.
  6. Be careful when cutting trees.
    1. Have permission.
    2. Ensure you are not cutting down a valuable tree (oak, walnut, etc.)
    3. When cutting trees, take them all the way to the ground. If not, they can puncture tires.
    4. Tree pruners and chain saws are essential.
  7. Place ribbons along the trail for identification.
  8. Use common sense and have fun!