1. No alcohol or recreational drugs allowed.
  2. Seats and seat belts are required for everyone in the vehicle. Seat belt use is required. Be aware of hand placement on open roll cages.
  3. No standing while the vehicle is moving. Keep hands and feet inside while moving. Don’t ride on Nerf bars or hang on leaning vehicles.
  4. While in convoy to trail head, headlights must be on (state law), windshields up and no passing.
  5. Keep the vehicle behind you, as well as in front of you, in sight. This works both ways. If you get separated, use the radio to ask the leader to hold up.
  6. Respect all private property rights – you are a guest!
    • Trails are to be used only during sanctioned events with official Trail Guides.
    • Keep the trails free of garbage – take yours, and that which you find, home with you.
    • Stay on the dedicated trail. No short cuts or modifications unless authorized by your Trail Guide.
    • Do not harass or disturb livestock or wildlife with excessive noise such as exhaust pipes, yelling, throwing rocks, radios or honking horns.
    • Pets are not allowed to run free on the trails – out of respect for landowners who do not want their livestock disturbed. Pets may remain in the vehicles but if they are out of the vehicle, please keep them leashed. Also please do not let them bark or disturb the livestock in any way.
    • Anyone found to be responsible for willful destruction of property will be held accountable for costs of repairs.
  7. Communicate! Use your radio to let your guide know if you are stuck or broke.
  8. Vehicle recovery: If you’re not involved, keep your distance.
  9. Breakdowns: Take a few minutes to figure out what broke. Allow a reasonable time for repairs, say 15 minutes or so. If the repairs are going to take a long time, the group will have to move on. Your options are to:
    1. Leave it and return for it later.
    2. Tow it out.
    3. Stay and finish the repairs.
      Your Trail Guide can help in deciding what to do, but the Guide has the responsibility to keep the group moving.
  10. Try to always have a sense of humor, a good attitude and use common sense. Respect the land. Be considerate to all.

Remember, we’re all here to have fun . . . . . safely!