The trail-head driver’s meeting is held just before or right after entering the trail. Its purpose is to give drivers an opportunity to air down, lock in and for the guide to present any information unique to the particular trail. The information discussed at this meeting may vary depending on the type of trail ride: trail building, club run or a national event.

  1. After you’ve found a suitable place, stop the group, air down and lock in. Announce there will be a driver’s meeting in 5 – 10 minutes when finished locking in and airing down.
  2. Talk about your plan for the day, the type of trail, obstacles, the pace you’d like to keep, and photo opportunities. If you have a lot of trail to cover, tell them to keep up with the rest of the group. Feel free to give the group any personal touch you like to give your trail ride.
  3. Tell everyone once again that they are on 100% private property. Respect it! No excavating, no cow chasing, no unnecessary tree cutting, haul out all trash – yours and someone else’s, etc.
  4. Cover safety again and refer to the Trail Etiquette guidelines. Ask if anyone in the group has medical training.
    • Remind them that if an accident occurs, TRJC members are the ones that should take charge.
  5. Remind them to keep the person in back of them in sight. Many times people haven’t done this and the group gets too spread out.
  6. Cover the guidelines for vehicle recovery and breakdowns.
  7. Make sure everyone is on the same CB channel. Be sure to remind them why we are out there – to have FUN.
  8. If introductions were not done on the way to the trailhead, have everyone introduce themselves, including yourself and tail gunners. Do your best to remember names, handles and what vehicle they’re in.