Our trails are rated from 1 (the easiest) to 5 (the most difficult). These ratings are based on the trail overall, not just on one or two tough spots. Rain, prior to the event or during the trail ride, may increase trail ratings by one or two points.

Please be honest with yourself about your vehicle and your off-highway driving experience when selecting a trail. Drivers or vehicles on trails for which they are not prepared greatly reduce the enjoyment for themselves and other participants.

All vehicles will be subject to inspection prior to trail departure. We recommend full cage rollover protection for all open top vehicles. Properly mounted tow hooks (factory mounted or mounted with two grade 8 bolts or better) or substantially mounted pull point (front and rear) is required. To protect the land, tires can be no more than 44″, based on DOT tire lettering.

Rating 1: Intended for those with little or no experience and a stock vehicle.
These trails feature mild obstacles. In optimum weather conditions the trail may not require the continual use of 4 wheel-drive. Chances of vehicular damage are extremely low.

Rating 2: Intended for drivers with little or no experience driving a modified vehicle, or experienced drivers with a stock vehicle.
These trails are moderately demanding. Under dry conditions stock vehicles with stock tires will work. However, those with larger tires and more aggressive tread will do better. You will encounter a wide variety of challenges, including mud holes, creeks, hill climbs, and tight maneuvers through trees. Chances for vehicular damage are relatively low.

Rating 3: Intended for drivers with experience and a modified vehicle.
These trails are more demanding on both vehicle and driver. You will encounter obstacles such as rocks, deep ruts, off camber grades, and difficult hill climbs. You will find vehicle modifications such as increased ground clearance, lower gears, lockers, 33 ” + tires great benefit here. Required: 31″ or larger tires, full roll cage for open vehicles and tied to the windshield frame at a minimum (Older vehicles with rear seats must have roll bar protection for rear seat passengers) and winch 8,000 lbs or greater. The potential for body and/or mechanical damage can be a bit greater here depending upon conditions and the driver’s capability.

Rating 4: Intended for expert drivers with a highly modified vehicle.
Do not even try in a stock vehicle or if you are inexperienced. These trails demand the ultimate in traction and reliability from your vehicle. Ruts and mud holes will be deeper. Rocks will be bigger and slicker. You will encounter greater off-camber, steps, ledges, and steeper climbs and descents. Maximum ground clearance, lower gears, front and rear lockers, 33 ” + tires with aggressive treads, winch, tools, and spare parts will be in order for these trails. Full cage and winch are required.¬† Harness style seat belts are Strongly Recommended. Be prepared for vehicular damage (body, drive train, tires, etc.) On trail repairs may be likely.

Rating 5: This category is reserved for the most difficult obstacles/trails and is intended for hardcore drivers with a highly modified vehicle only!
One should be able to traverse a 4 rated trail with no problem or worries before even thinking of taking on a 5 obstacle. Obstacles rated 5 may be optional on some trails. Body damage, breakage, and rollovers are possible. Full cage, harness style seat belts, and winch are required.